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April 04 2016 DIY Blog # 80 -WATER LEAK BENTLEIGH

Dry out areas where water is leaking, then trace the source of the leak.

April 03 2016 Information Blog # 80 WATER LEAKING BRIGHTON

Logic and common sense are the key to finding water leaks.

April 02 2016 DIY BLOG#79 - ROOF LEAK ST KILDA

Trace water/roof leaks while wet so you can sure of fixing the leak.

April 01 2016 Information Blog # 79 ROOF LEAK ELWOOD

Remember to work safely when working at heights..

March 31 2016 DIY Blog #78 CCTV SEWER HAWTHORN

Ultilizing CCTV equipment while clearing storm water drains saves time and money.

March 29 2016 Information Blog #78 BALCONY WATER PROOFING -KEW

Choosing the correct water proofing product is the key to preventing water entry.


Water proofing a balcony requires careful preparation, the correct water proofing product and application.

March 27 2016 Information Blog #77 WATER LEAKS HAWTHORN

Water can leak into buildings from the area where window frames join the facade...

March 26 2016 DIY Blog #  76 - LEAK DETECTION BENTLEIGH

An experienced plumber will know to isolate a section of leaking pipe to confirm a water leak

March 25 2016 Information Blog # 76 Water Leak St Kilda

Concise and accurate location of a leaking pipe saves time and using experienced plumbers is essential.

March 24 2016 DIY Blog #  75 Water Leak Brighton

Knowing what to look for helps to keep costs down.

March 23 2016 Information Blog # 75 Hot Water Problem Hawthorn

Simple tests will help to identify the cause of hot water supply problems

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