In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #2 - Clearing a blocked drain

October 14 2013

It’s happened - or will happen to most of us in our lifetime!  Good news - you don’talways need to engage a maintenance plumber to fix the problem drain.


Running hot water into the drain is a great place to start - increase your chances of success by adding some dishwashing detergent. You might also need to head to your local hardware store to buy a plunger - very useful in moving problem ‘blocks’.  


Always use hot water when using a plunger and also wear rubber gloves to avoid burns.


For more serious and hard to move blockages follow this recipe; 

1. Pour a jug of hot water into the drain

2. Tip in approximately half a cup of baking soda and leave for a few minutes

3. Add one cup of vinegar and one cup of very hot water to the baking soda already down the drain. 

4. Put the plug in, stand back and let the chemical reaction do its magic. 


Allow 5 to 10 minutes and flush with a jug of hot water. 


If these attempts are not successful, implement a Plan B strategy. Firstly, engage a specialist drain clearance company and while you are waiting for the maintenance plumber, do not use the affected area. 


Tip - Preventative plumbing maintenance i.e jet cleaning and CCTV inspections of problem drains could well prevent very costly plumbing repairs in the future. 


We do hope that you have found our handy hints and tips on DIY drain clearance of interest. Remember to revert to Plan B if needed - call in an experienced maintenance plumber. Never forget to always ‘worksafe’ with hot water and chemicals

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