In the pipeline - DIY Blog #28 - Creative drain solutions- blocked drains Melbourne

April 01 2015

Our April fools day blog this year actually involves​ a most unusual and creative plumbing solution where a DIY expert used ‘pool noodle’ to run waste water from the shower. For those of you not familiar with a pool noodle it is a buoyancy device used by toddlers and small children when at the local pool. It is hollow, made of a foam like material and approximately 1 to 2 meters long.

Our plumber reported that another plumber(we are not taking the credit for this idea) had joined PVC to the pool noodle and that the pool noodle had been very effective in running the waste water. We discovered the blue colored noodle when unblocking the drain. Unfortunately our drain blockage specialist did not find out until it was too late that part of the waste drain was made of a very soft foam pool noodle. When the plaster wall was cut to uncover the source of the leaking waste water our emergency plumber was most surprised.

Congratulations from all the team at webbplumbing services and we will certainly remember this DIY specialised plumbing technique for many years to come..

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