In the pipeline - DIY Blog #30 - Rinnai Hot Water - Continuous Flow Hot Water

April 28 2015




A Continuous Flow Hot Water System heats water on demand rather than the traditional hot water services that heat and store the water in a tank.

They are run on gas so you will need to have the necessary pipework and gas supply to your home.  They are wall mounted, usually outside, however can be mounted inside provided a flue is installed.

Cold water is pushed through the copper pipes and heat is applied to these pipes. When a hot tap is turned on a flow sensor triggers the gas burner and heats the water.

Temperature Controls can be fitted to the unit and when the water is heated to the set temperature it runs through to your tap.

You will have hot water on demand and never run out!

The units are compact and don’t take up much space however you will need to ensure you install a unit that is suitable to your household needs.

As with most things, there are pro’s & con’s to a Continuous Flow Hot Water Service and it is important to assess your hot water requirements before installing a new unit. Webb Plumbing Services can assist you wherever you may be in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. 

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