In the pipeline - DIY Blog #46 - CCTV OF DRAINS - Kew

December 30 2015

​Case Study 1…...


We attended the property on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 and CCTV inspected stormwater drain at the front of the property.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Set up CCTV equipment and camera inspected stormwater drain from the right-hand side of the house -Found no faults in this section of drain but could only CCTV approximately 8 meters downstream due to diameter of pipe and changes in pipe direction -Set up CCTV equipment at downpipe at front left corner of the building and camera inspected drain to a point near the large gumtree where the drain was completely blocked with tree roots -Navi tracked and marked location of where the tree roots were entering the storm water drain and the furthest point downstream we could camera inspect -Camera inspected stormwater drain from the downpipe next to the garage and immediately encountered sediment in the drain and found the drain to be blocked downstream -Navi tracked and located area of blockage we could not penetrate which was close to tank inlet filter.

RECOMMENDATION 1. Replace stormwater drainage at front of property. Quote to follow

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