In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 48 - Balcony Water Leaks Port Melbourne

January 15 2016

Case Study A:


We attended the complex to investigate reported water ingress into units 302 and 303.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Inspected Unit 302 and was shown where water had leaked from the top of the window frame adjacent to the balcony area -Was also shown where water was currently dripping from the external  cladding below unit 401’s balcony -Inspected unit 401 above and could see signs of long-term water damage to grout lines on the balcony -Accessed area outside the balcony and removed pebble mix and corflute cardboard underlay -Removed pebbles and cardboard and exposed the underlying concrete slab/membrane -Could see evidence that a membrane has been installed & could see that the finish was in very poor condition where the horizontal surface met the surrounding vertical surfaces and where the water drainage outlet was located -Water tested  balcony tile surface and balcony tiles are waterproof, however grout lines are porous -Used water to wash the membrane and confirmed poor condition - While on site inspected the balcony areas of units 302, 303, 306 & 401 and all balcony grout lines were in poor condition and not water proof. -Water leak from the facade  above unit 302 relates to water moving across the concrete slab and dripping out and causing building damage. -Inspected base of light well as it had recently overflowed and could see the outlet was blocked, unblocked the outlet and cleaned the tile surface

Faults/Maintenance Noted. 1. Inadequate waterproofing below pebble landscape area. 2. All balcony grouting in poor condition and evidence of long-term water damage and calcification along the grout lines. 3. Water damage in units 302 & 303 relating to the ongoing water ingress. 4. Basement car park pumping pit requires six monthly servicing. 5. Roof and gutters at the property require cleaning and auditing.

Recommendations in order of priority:

1. Waterproof area directly below pebble landscape. Cost estimate $ GST. This area should be  membraned both across the horizontal base and up the adjoining vertical surfaces and the membrane should be coated into the outlet. 2. Balcony grout should be restored and sealed with a clear sealant. Seal 15sqm area of unit 303’s balcony as a trial. Cost estimate $2487.00 + gst. 3. Service and audit pumping pit. Cost estimate $344.40+ gst. 4. Clean and audit roof and associated gutters. Cost estimate $745.80+ gst. 5. CCTV inspect storm water drainage outlets from the balconies of unit’s 302 & 303. Cost estimate $700.00+ gst.  6. Reinstate resultant water damage in unit 302 & 303. Cost estimate $1349.50+ gst.

Note: *We can provide quotations for  the recommendations if required. *Pebbles and cardboard should be permanently removed from the pebble landscape area until the water leak is permanently fixed. *CCTV is suggested so as to make sure that he drainage outlet pipes are in good condition and sized correctly.

*Our group specialises in waterproofing and can technical sheets on products to be used. 

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