In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 49 WATER LEAKS ST KILDA

January 27 2016

Case Study 1:


We attended the complex at approximately 7:30 PM the 27/01/16 after heavy rain had caused water to flow into the common stairwell and entrance foyer. 

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Arrived on-site and rain had stopped -Met Brad from unit 18 and was shown where water had leaked from common area light in the wall of the upper level stairwell and found this to be upper level entry point of the water  -This light is located on the rear wall of the stairwell just below the security entrance to the penthouse apartments and sits approximately 800 mm above floor level -When I arrived  the carpet below this light fitting was saturated and fine  brick and render debris could be seen over the carpet -Water flow had leaked all the way down the stairwell to the entrance foyer -Carpet was saturated in several areas -Met Vicki  from Top level unit 23/penthouse 3 and inspected her property and the show an old water damage in her living room area, water damage included staining the ceiling and to damaged downlights -Inspected short stairwell to lift my room and could see staining on the ceiling but this was dusty dry -Used the elevator to carry equipment up and elevator smells very damp and I suspect bottom of the elevator shaft is holding water. -Accessed the roof and inspected the area directly above where the water had poured from the light fitting -Could see water marks down external facade directly external to where water had leaked through light fitting -Found numerous roof and gutter faults directly above the area of water ingress including,, 1. Blocked rain head, large cracks in the cement sheet facades with cracks up to 1 cm wide, box gutter outlet pipes into rain head that had not been sealed, capping flashing causing wrong water to run down external facade where leak occurs, dodgy cement sheet cladding with holes in the external walls. -Other faults seen on the roof included,, 1. Box guttering blocked in three areas, liar/box gutter rusted out on east side of elevator shaft, commercial debris on roof including air-conditioning ducts, air con units and trade waste, numerous suspect penetration flashings. - We expect that when the box guttering is cleaned we will find areas that are very badly rusted and requiring replacement.

RECOMMENDATIONS - In order of priority. 1. Clean roof and gutters. Cost estimate $455.00 + gst. This clean would include removal of all organic debris and small objects that can be carried easily. 2. Caulk and seal the facade immediately adjacent to the blocked rain head and accessible from unit 24/penthouse 4. Cost estimate $1445.90+gst. Scope of works would include caulking cracks with a UV caulking compound such as Sikaflex Pro, sealing box gutter entry pipes where they join the rain head and patching holes in the facade next to the rain head. 3. Install flashing to prevent water running off capping flashing, replace liar gutter and modify discharge points from liar gutter. Cost estimate $2675.00  + gst. 4. Dry the carpet in the common area stairwell before it rots. 5. Schedule six monthly roof and gutter cleaning. 6. Arrange access for webbplumbing when  elevator  is next serviced. 7. Carry out reinstatement of water damaged plaster and paint in common stairwell and unit 23/Penthouse 3. 8. Remove large commercial debris from the roof and clean and seal all penetration flashings. 9. Clad and seal areas of the building on the western side of complex.

NOTE *We can provide quotes on each of the points above and would suggest that the first five points be actioned ASAP. Quotes can be forwarded on 30/01/16. *Photos will be forwarded on 28/01/16. *We found where the water leak into the stairwell and we found several obvious faults directly above this area which should be eliminated as a priority. * We will require access to penthouse 4 to carry out caulking works if approved.

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