In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 50 Sewer Blockage Windsor

February 01 2016

​Case Study A:


We attended site and cleared reported blocked sewer which had caused sewage to overflow down the entrance footpath and driveway.

Findings/Actions -cleaned up the sewage overflow and hosed down area where sewage had built up -found boundary trap which is located in the rear left-hand corner adjacent car space 13 -set up drain clearance equipment and cleared blockage -blockage was caused by tree roots, sanitary products and wet wipes -packed up and removed rubbish -noted that the gutters and rain head on the left-hand/northern side of complex appear to be blocked and require cleaning

Recommendations in order of priority. 1. Clean roof and gutters with cost estimate at $454.50+ gst. 2. CCTV inspect & jet clean Sewer drain with cost estimate out $894.00 gst.

Note: * Both of the recommendations are preventative maintenance actions. *The blockage we cleared today was just downstream of the boundary trap and it would be sensible to confirm if the blockage was located in the Owners Corporation area or in South East Water’s  area of responsibility.

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