In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 51 WATER LEAKS MELBOURNE

February 03 2016



We attended level 7 (Units 15 & 16) and investigated reported water ingress into the two lots.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Inspected top level apartment and was shown water staining in the following areas; 1. Water staining and evidence of long-term water ingress at the S/E corner above jeweller equipment 2. Water staining and paint peeling above administration area 3. Water staining and paint peeling in fortified areas in common stairwell 4. Water damaged plaster near the entrance to residential area at northern end -Inspected the roof above and found -The roof is in good condition and is malthoid roofing -Could see that the drainage outlets were blocked and cleaned these -The walls around the edge of the roof are our with sheet metal capping, however the vertical wall between the capping and roof flashings appears in poor condition with cracking and possible water entry points -The sealing between the penetration flashings and the flat roof also appear to be in poor to average condition -There are numerous roof penetrations and plant equipment on the flat roof

RECOMMENDATION - In order of priority 1. Pressure clean the entire roof area and associated outlets. Cost estimate $1024.00 + GST. The Scope of this recommendation should also include CCTV inspection of the drainage outlets that run between the roof and the rain heads. 2. Caulk and seal wall between flat roof and In flashing along the eastern side of the complex. Cost estimate $1574.00 + GST. 3. Clean and seal selected penetration flashings and drainage outlets. The decision on which areas to seal should be made post pressure cleaning. Cost estimate for one day carrying out membrane application would be $1369.50 + GST. 4. Carry out digital moisture testing of all water damaged areas in level 7 post 20mm + rainfall event so as to confirm if any leaks are active or not. 5. Reinstate plaster and paint in level 7.

NOTE - SPA BATH LEAK -While at the property I inspected the spa bath and associated bathroom. I could see evidence of long-term water ingress on the floor grout lines surrounding the spa bath calcification of these grout lines. Inspected the area below the spa bath and could see that two mini stop taps Were turned off and assumed that the water leak had been between these mini stop taps and the spa bath taps. -The waterproofing both under the spa bath and surrounding are not adequate And is most likely the water would leak around the spa bath onto the floor and possibly en route to level below.

RECOMMENDATION 1. Remove spa bath and refurbish bathroom and install a water proof shower recess area.

2. Inspect levels seven below the spa bath and document any resultant water damage.​

***As you can see in the commentary in the job report above carrying out leak detection by first listing and then addressing the problems is a sound strategy in finding and fixing water leaks.

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