In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 54 - Roof Leak Toorak

February 08 2016


ROOF LEAK -Unit 10 ....

We attended the property on Thursday the 4th of February to find and fix the source of the leak into unit 10..

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -inspected unit 10 and could see water staining under pelmet on western side of bedroom -checked roof above and found 3 possible causes 1. Guttering was blocked and we cleaned gutter along south side. 2. Unit 10’s ACU has non compliant timber supports which sit in the roof deck tray and there may be rust holes under the timber supports. Cost estimate to replace ACU supports & membrane decking trays is $985.50 + gst.  3. Capping flashing along west side does not fit over decking tray edge properly and requires extension flashing install at cost estimate of $554.00 + gst.

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