In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 57 - Bathroom Leak - Frankston

February 16 2016

Case Study A:


Bathroom has a ceramic tiled floor and timber is rotten below the tiles and this has caused one tile to fall through the timber, leaving a hole in the floor. We attended and replaced approximately 1 m² of flooring as make safe works.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Attended property on Tuesday, 9 February. -Met property owner and was shown hole in downstairs bathroom floor. -Inspected subfloor space and could see that subfloor timbers had rotted over approximately three square meters -The floor consists of ceramic tiles on top of  yellow tongue chipboard And joists and bearers below. -Suspect the cause of this water damage had been a long term leak from the shower recess. -Purchased materials from Bunnings to make the floor safe. -Removed approximately 1 m² of yellow tongue chipboard and associated floor tiles. -Fabricated and fitted new chipboard flooring and fixed in place. -Fitted non slip rubber matting on top of the chipboard flooring as it to was directly adjacent to the shower recess. -Silicon sealed around shower recess as a preventative measure to stop water leaking. -Cleaned up and removed rubbish. Note: * We would suggest that this bathroom will need an entire renovation as all the sub floor is badly rotted

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