In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 57 Water & Roof Leaks Bentleigh

February 14 2016

​Case Study W:


Attended property on 04/02/16 to investigate report of a roof leak/gutter clean & roof audit.


-Accessed property and inspected leak into lounge room next to dining table

-Resident advised leak has been occurring for a while and unable to find a clear source

-Found pool solar matting had come loose

-Accessed around newer leak at rear door when main deck roof joins to verandah

-Inspected further and found this section was capped incorrectly

-Used silicone to seal over incorrectly lapped capping

-Re-silicone sealed solar matting

-Inspected area of water entry via downlight at front of property

-Discovered a broken tile, replace with spare found onsite

-Discovered a large stack of tiles next to chimney, this was causing a large leaf litter build up

-Removed tiles and cleaned leaf litter build up

-Cleaned all gutters and removed any debris found

-Packed up and left site clear


1. Replacement of incorrect capping where main deck roof joins to verandah.

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