In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 60 -ROOF AUDIT - Hawthorn

February 22 2016

​Case Study G:


Attended property on 09/02/16 to investigate report of a roof leaks and audited entire complex


- Attended site & accessed roof via external permanent ladder at rear RH side. 

- Inspected entire roof taking photos of issues found. 

- Majority of Roof is in good condition. 

- Factory on LH side of office building has an extreme issue that requires immediate attention. 

- The whole way along both sides at box gutters have rusted through completely at 1st purlin.

- It is unknown why it is only the bottom purlin.

- The corrosion of the sheets has  occurred due metal incompatibility between the roof purlin and the roof sheets.

- Colour bond should be used for future roof sheet repairs 

- There is no safety mesh installed.

- On office roof there’s one 200 mm flue needing flashing to replaced.

- All of roof and box gutters require cleaning 


1. Clean roof and gutters six monthly due to the gutter system and large gum trees nearby. Cost estimate $541.50 + gst.

2. Repair approximately 300 corroded trim deck sheets. See quote 77795.

3. Replace flue penetration flashings above office. See quote 77795.

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