In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 62 -Roof Leak - Malvern

February 26 2016

​Case Study I:


Attended property to investigate and repair reported roof leak at rear of property.

- Set up safe roof access and personal protection equipment - Found several broken tiles and silicone sealed - Located a lifted penetration and possible source of water entry next to skylight at rear of property - Sealed roof penetration next to skylight and around skylight itself - Cleaned up, removed rubbish and took photos

NOTE: Whilst onsite noticed a leaking pressure temperature relief valve on a connected Solar Hart hot water service on roof. This unit is currently leaning against a decommissioned Rheem 70L external storage electric hot water service. 

RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Remove decommissioned Rheem hot water storage unit from roof and replace leaking PTR valve on Solar Hart hot water service. Estimate of costs $2186.00 plus GST. 2. Replace broken roof tiles.See quote No.74042.

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