In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 63 Roof Leak Dandenong

February 28 2016

​Case Study I:


We  attended the property on Tuesday the 23rd of February and found cause of roof leak near the chimney. We did did not fix this leak but found the cause to be faulty chimney flashings, while on the roof we unblocked the guttering between the two chimneys and the downpipe outlet and also cleaned the garage roof and gutters.

Findings/Actions -Was shown water damaged ceiling and cornice in upstairs room on the northern side. -Was shown where water was running down the outside brick work adjacent to the two chimneys and was told that the air-conditioning condensate line runs into this guttering. -Access the roof above and found the following faults,, 1. The guttering between the two chimneys was blocked, we cleared the guttering and unblocked the gutter outlet. Guttering and downpipes are both badly corroded and require replacement. 2. Inspected chimney where the leak was occurring and found  dodgy chimney flashings with  new dodgy Colorbond sheet metal placed over the top of the existing rusty chimney flashing. 3. Inspected rear chimney flashings and found that to be in poor condition and badly rusted. 4. All of the guttering around the  building is badly rusted. 5. Found skylight  flashing/s to be full of leaf litter and cleaned and removed leaf litter. -Accessed the roof above the garage  and cleaned all of the leaf litter out of the box gutter and of the roof. -Found the box gutter outlet pipe to be badly rusted and undersized and this requires replacement as does the associated rain head and downpipe.

Recommendations in Order of Priority… A. Clean roof and gutters six monthly. Cost estimate $534.50 + gst. B. Replace both chimney flashings. See quote 77856. C. Replace box gutter outlet and associated rain head and downpipe. See quote 77857. D. Replace OG spouting and associated downpipe. See quote 77857. E. Reinstate resultant water damage. See quote 77858.

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