In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 64 -CCTV Storm water drains - Brighton

March 01 2016

​Case Study K:


Attended property on 19/02/16 to inspect junction and carry out jet cleaning/cctv investigation.


-Accessed property and found customer had excavate corner right next to I.O

-Excavated a little bit further and located the I.O

-Found the line ran back under garage towards eastern side of block

-Found the camera hit difficulty at rear eastern corner of block near shed

-Cut in access to downpipe at rear and was able to proceed past this point and under shed

-Checked with local council and found there is an easement/stormwater at rear of block

-Returned to property on 22/02/16 to carry out jet clearance works

-Inspected I.O in shed and found to be a sewer I.O

-Set up jet cleaner at recently cut access hole into downpipe

-Jet cleaned drain for approx. 45mins and found soil coloured water coming back

-Took notes for recommendation

-Packed up and left site clear


1. Excavation and replacement of stormwater from rear shed to easement.

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