In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 65 -Gutter Cleaning Hawthorn

March 03 2016

​Case Study N:


We attended ACCOUNTING————————————————————& completed a roof inspection and report on 19/02/16.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Was briefed that water ingress had occurred along the East side of the complex on ‘Oak’s Day (05/11/15) and that 2 offices at S/E Cnr could still smell a bad odour -Accessed the roof via manhole in men’s toilet area. -Carried out general audit of the roof condition. *Roof is zincalume kliplock roof and is in good condition and has adequate pitch. *Box guttering runs along East side and has 3 outlets and 3 overflow outlets. *There are several ACU’s on this roof and the remains of an old steel plant platform.

FAULTS FOUND; 1. All 3 box gutter outlet sumps were blocked with organic debris. 2. Overflow outlets are sited too high in box gutter and overflow outlets at North end only flows when box guttering is 30mm from full. 3. Capping flashing joints all are cracked and require re-sealing. 4. Box gutter is rusting. 5. Several ACU penetration flashing are non compliant and insulation on ACU pipes have perished and would allow water entry. 6. One flue penetration flashing is non-compliant and blocks over 50 % of the roof deck tray. 7. One flashing at the base of the old steel platform is not sealed to the decking. 8. Some ACU not in use still have suspect penetration flashings. 9. Suspect there is no maintenance schedule for the cleaning of roof and presence of moss on organic matter in box guttering confirms this. 10. No over flow outlets in 3 box gutter down pipes at ground level.

NOTE -Photos attached show points 1-9

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