In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 66 -Gutter Cleaning - Brighton

March 05 2016

Case Study M:


Attended property on 17/02/16 to carry out a gutter clean and roof audit.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Set up safe roof access and personal protection equipment -Cleared all gutters and rainheads -Unblocked DP’s found to be blocked at gutter level -Cleared any leaf litter/debris found from roof -Packed up and left site clear

ROOF AUDIT REPORT -Discovered a length of fascia gutter along RHS which requires replacement -Gutter is approx. 12 lineal meters and is rusted through -Discovered a section of roof sheets which are suffering from surface rust -In order to prolong life, need to clean and apply a rust inhibitor -Took notes for recommendation -Packed up and left site clear

RECOMMENDATION 1. Source and replace approx. 12 lineal meters of box gutter on RHS. 2. Clean surface of roof sheets and apply a rust inhibiting membrane to areas as required.

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