In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 67 -Gutter Cleaning Hawthorn

March 07 2016

​Case Study O: 


Attended property on 24/02/16 to carry out gutter and downpipe clean.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Set up safe roof access and personal protection equipment -Cleared all gutters and rainheads -Unblocked DP’s found to be blocked at gutter level -Cleared any leaf litter/debris found from roof -Packed up and left site clear

ROOF AUDIT REPORT -Roof is three stories, older flat clip lock, in medium to poor condition -Some areas of the roof have lifted and are holding water -There are a couple of areas that have rusted and require noxide to be applied to prevent water leaks -There are 8 penetrations on this roof, all of these are lead base and welded to the roof -All of these penetrations need to have noxide applied -Top flashings of roof are lifting and need to be re-fixed into position -Gutter and downpipes are in good condition with no action required -Took notes for recommendation -Packed up and left site clear

RECOMMENDATION 1. Application of noxide membrane to all 8 penetrations and other areas of roof as required.

As can be seen in the report an experienced roofing plumber will assist you in identifying any roof faults or repairs required. Call webbplumbing services on 1300 238 993 and we will assist..

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