In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 68 -Leak Detection Dandenong

March 09 2016

​Case Study O:


Attended property  to carry out leak investigation works.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Arrived on site and found numerous holes and trenches had been dug and were full of water -Visually inspected property and located copper waterline which was entering into the building -Found water was shut off, re-instated water and used thermal imaging equipment in an attempt to locate area of burst - unsuccessful -Set up ground microphone and could hear sound of burst around a fence between two rooms -Suspected one being toilet and the other being en-suite -Obtained owners permission to remove bricks -Located burst pipe directly behind first layer of bricks -Chipped away small amount concrete and foundation bricks to expose the pipe -Cut and removed section of pipework and replaced with new -Secured using b-press and fittings -Pressure tested repair - all okay, no further leaks -Packed up and left site clear


**Our emergency plumber who is a specialist in leak detection assessed the above situation and every confidence and experience to remove brick work and expose the burst. Two other contractors had been on-site before our attendance and their inexperience showed.

** Call webbplumbing services on 1300 238 993 and we will assist with any leak detection work

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