In the pipeline - DIY Blog #  69 -Water Leak St Kilda

March 11 2016



Attended property on 01/03/16 to investigate leak into bedroom and returned on the 9th of March 2016 and reinstated external bricks.

INVESTIGATION COSTS = $754.32 + GST -Accessed property and found a leaking 20mm copper pipe running into the building between the bathroom and bedroom -Found visual evidence of a leak inside bedroom around the corner of internal wall -Removed brick work from external wall in order to locate burst -Found further brick work required removal -Returned to property on 03/03/16 to continue investigation works -Set up jack-hammer and began excavating

REPAIR COSTS = $137.16 + GST -Located burst copper pipe, cut and removed section -Installed new section of pipework and used B-press and fittings to secure

RE-INSTATEMENT COSTS = $480.02 + GST -Re-instated water and tested - all okay, no further leaks -Cleaned up area -Mortared bricks in place -Cleaned brick surface and swept up debris -Did not replace any tiles internally -Work is complete

NOTE -Condition of pipe was fair-good and cause of burst is unknown.

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