In the pipeline - DIY Blog #  70 - Blocked Drain Caulfeild

March 13 2016

Our  24/7 emergency plumber’s have already attended to two sewer blockages and we are less than 24 hours into the Labour Day long weekend. The first blockage involved sewage overflowing through a powder room and the second involved sewage flowing down the throne front entrance footpath into the Street. In both cases we were on site within 30 min of the callouts, blockages were cleared and our plumber assisted in cleanups of both properties.

Case Study S:


We attended York Street Caulfield on Saturday, 12 March and found the boundary trap at the front of the property to be overflowing.

Actions/Findings -Set up drain clearance equipment -Attempted to clear blockage without success -Found the blockage to be in south-east water’s territory -Cleaned up sewage overflow, altered height of the top of the boundary trap the 250 mm above ground level -Referred blockage to south-east water as per Ref; XXXXX -Explained protocol to client that if the sewer is  blocked in south-east water’s area only their contractors can clear these sections of drain.

Note: In this case we refer to blockage to south-east water and a contractor was in on site within two hours to clear blockage

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