In the pipeline - DIY Blog #  71 /Blocked Drain Brighton

March 15 2016

​Case Study U:


Arrived on-site and client showed our plumber exactly where the sewage was overflowing at the rear of the property near the hot water service and showed us the location of the boundary trap at the rear of the property. This information saved time and meant our emergency after-hours plumber did not have to waste time searching for the sewer points. The client also gave a clear brief to just unblock the drain and left our emergency plumber to do his work. This meant no chit chat and time wasted.

We attended this Brighton home on Sunday 13 March and cleared the sewer drain at the rear of the property. Blockage was caused by tree roots and cleared the drain in several areas upstream of the boundary trap and then downstream as well. Was not able to get drain cables past  resistance point downstream of the boundary trap, however got drain running and could hear the sound of water movement. Packed up equipment and informed the client findings. Recommended CCTV of the sewer drain to confirm the extent of tree root ingress and the exact position, particularly downstream of the boundary trap where the problems may be in south-east water is territory.

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