In the pipeline - DIY Blog #  74 -Leak Detection Prahran

March 22 2016

​Case Study W:


We attended site  to investigate reported leak into Unit 1 from above. FINDINGS/ACTIONS - Attended site and gained access to Unit 1 - Located leak coming from the internal sewer stack area - Removed access panel and found leak running down stack and cavity of bulkhead (see photos) - Accessed Unit 5 above and found no moisture readings or signs of leak - Unit collecting drips and leak in buckets currently - Exact location of leak within stack is currently unknown until further investigation and accessing stack bulkhead are carried out  - Leak from all evidence appears to be on common sewer stack within the space of Unit 1 or in concrete slab dividing Unit 1 & 5. RECOMMENDATIONS 1) Excavate bathroom wall of Unit 1 to reveal stack and locate leak position 2) Once leak source specifically identified, plans and costs to carry out permanent repair can be discussed and devised

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