In the pipeline - DIY Blog #  86 ROOF LEAK BRIGHTON

April 15 2016


Attended property on 29/03/16 to investigate report of a roof leak.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Accessed property and found water ingress into dining area -Water had been poring into ceiling and through downlight fitting -Above this area, discovered a box gutter with a small 40mm section of roof with an apron flashing -Could see small roof sheets were back falling towards building -Also found apron flashing in this area had a broken silicone seal which was covering roof rib and deck -Lifted apron return flashing on deck tray and found that the roof sheets had not been turned up -This was allowing water to flow straight into roof space -Also found a box gutter edge which falls quite short, leaving a gap -Attempted to seal trays to roof deck, however unable to guarantee this will hold as capillary attraction may occur due to negative fall -Took notes for recommendation -Packed up and left site clear

RECOMMENDATION 1. The more comprehensive repair would be to remove apron flashing, turn up the roof sheet ends and install a flashing underneath into box gutter. This would involve removing render wall and removing roof sheets back to the rafters. 2. A lesser repair, would be to install a large capping covering the roof sheets altogether.

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