In the pipeline - DIY Blog # 45 Sewer Blockage Hawthorn

December 11 2015


Attended property on 10/12/15 to rectify/clear reported blocked sewer. Sewage overflowed into unit 11 before our arrival and during our works when the unit above decided to use their bathroom.


-Arrived on-site after picking up keys from Domain Property Group

-Inspected unit 11 and could see where sewage overflow through bathroom into hallway and adjoining bedroom

-Cleaned up sewage overflow in bathroom

-Searched externally for the sewer stack access point without success

-Laid drop sheets and prepared work area

-Removed toilet pan and fed K-1500 drain clearance equipment into the sewer drain

-The cables got stuck in the sewer drain approximately 5.5m  downstream

-Used a metal detector to locate cast-iron access point externally which was under the shrub/tree

-Found cast-iron drain to be broken near the access point

-Removed the cable and found masses of baby wipes, solidified silicon and tree roots

-Cleared the blockage and flow tested the drain

-Cleaned bathroom and reinstated toilet pan

-Flow tested common waste stack and all flowing well

-Packed up and left site clear


-Did not clean up around access point externally.

-Keys for unit 11 were dropped back to the agent after hours.

-Sewage overflowed onto the carpet in unit 11’s hallway and bedroom and this carpet urgently needs to be lifted and removed and area cleaned.

-Sewer drain externally is broken and requires urgent replacement. This work is currently under way.

-Evidence of previous blockages was found.

-The solidified silicon that was found in the drain is a mystery and we have never come across this problem in the past.

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