In the pipeline - DIY BLOG#79 - ROOF LEAK ST KILDA

April 02 2016


Attended property on 01/04/16 to trace the source of the roof leak while wet and returned the following Tuesday  and carried out repairs.


-Accessed property and discovered water damaged wallpaper in lounge room

-Accessed ceiling space via panel in laundry

-Crawled to problem area directly above bookcase

-Discovered leak area is where the corrugated roof meets the tiled roof

-Found numerous points of timber and sheeting that appeared to be holding moisture

-Moisture build up around 50mm vent penetration through tile

-Did not see water drips whilst on site

-Returned and installed lead over flashing to replace soaker flashing

-Cleaned and silicone sealed lead vent penetration flashing, we found a crack in this lead flashing which we are sure would have allowed water entry

-Packed up and left site clear


-By calling webbplumbing on 1300238 993 while water is still dripping or immediately after you will give us the best chance of finding and fixing your roof leak. 

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