In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #10 -Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

May 15 2014



 *Safety tips when cleaning gutters

-clean gutters when it is dry, cool and not windy

-carry out cleaning early in the day to eliminate fatigue

-always plan how you do the cleaning before commencing

-ensure you do not do the work alone

-tidy up and dispose of rubbish as you progress

-remember your age, if you are over 50 years old and male you are in the highest risk group

-ensure your equipment and of course you are secure

-purchase a ‘gutter cleaning tool’ from the hardware store

-utilise a garden blower or hose to assist

-if in doubt call a professional company


**How often should you clean the gutters?

-If you have large trees surrounding your house they should be cleaned quarterly

-if you have a hidden gutter they should be cleaned at least six monthly

-if your gutters are exposed and there are no large trees within 150 meters of the house then clean annually


***Should I test the downpipes and stormwater drains?

-Test each downpipe with a garden hose to ensure it is not blocked

- Run water through the stormwater drain to ensure it flows

- Clean stormwater pits and channel grates once yearly


Guttering in Melbourne should be regularly maintained with the end result of lack of maintenance being , gutter replacement, gutter repairs, emergency plumbers attending and floods and damage to associated building infrastructure.


**Questions you should ask a contractor before being your gutter cleaning in Melbourne carried out.

1.       How do you carry out the work safely.

2.       Do you dispose of the rubbish.

3.       Will you provide a written report/audit and photographs of any problems seen.

4.       Are all your staff roof plumbers.

5.       Do you carry out programmed/scheduled maintenance.


Whether you live in steep slate roof home in Toorak or a flat metal roofed property in Black Rock always carry out your gutter cleaning Melbourne safely.

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