In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #11 - Leak Detection & Balcony Leaks

June 13 2014



Balcony leaks are a massive problem in many offices and residential units built in the last 30 years. The effect of these long-term water leaks is resultant water damage and costly insurance claims.

Finding and fixing these water leaks is expensive and accurate diagnosis of exactly where the water leak is occurring can save substantial unnecessary expenditure. For example water can be leaking from

directly below a balcony but the source may turn out to be, *the façade,*balcony walls *associated doors and windows,*a nearby roof, or other possible sources. As this example illustrates carrying out expensive balcony  waterproofing repairs to a balcony surface in the expectation that the source of the water ingress has been fixed can be frustrating and costly.

It is recommended that a  specialist in leak detection be engaged so that accurate testing can be carried out. Various tests can be carried out including *flood tests *spray testing *dye testing * thermal imaging or infrared camera inspections *CCTV inspections *moisture content analysis and various other specialised investigations. 


Choosing the right Melbourne leak detection expert will allow you to know the exact cause of balcony water leak

Questions you should ask before engaging a so-called leak detection expert include, 

1. What testing do you carry out.

 2.What leak detection equipment would you consider utilising.

 3. What is the cost.

 4. How long will it take.

 5. Do you provide an accurate written report.

 6. Will you provide photographs and thermal images. 

7. How experienced is your leak detection expert.

The average cost of a leak detection investigation is approximately $500. The accurate information that is gathered from precise investigation works will save large unnecessary repair expenses and will lead

to the problem been fixed sooner than later.

A recent job carried out In the bayside suburb of Port Melbourne illustrates the need for accurate diagnosis. We were called to the property after the balcony had been waterproofed by a local company from Richmond but the balcony leak had persisted. Our leak detection specialist carried out a flood test of the balcony and confirmed that there was no fault with the works carried out by the Richmond based contractor. Spray testing of the balcony doorway entrance utilising the dye technique confirmed that the source of the water ingress was in fact inadequate waterproofing of the jointing between the doorway and facade. What we were unable to confirm in this job was the possibility of there being more than one leak source and it is possible the balcony had been leaking as well. 

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