In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #12 - Garden Accidents & Emergency Plumbers

July 07 2014

​Our emergency plumbers often attend to dramas caused while gardening is occurring or contractors are working in the garden area. The following are tips that most property owners should carry out.

1. Find the location of the main water meter, which is often located just inside the property line near the front fence. Phone up the local water or sorry for a location.

2. Find the location of them gas meter and familiarise yourself with the gas stop tap.

3. Write down a list of emergency contacts including the local water and gas authorities as well as the state emergency service and ambulance/paramedics.

4. Obtain the sewer plan from the local water authority and check the location of the sewer points.

5. Find out the location of the stormwater drains by visually inspecting where the downpipes into the ground and where the stormwater exits the property.

If you have a plumbing emergency situation you should,,,

*If you have cut a water pipe, shut off the water to the property, contact your emergency plumber.

*If you have ruptured/cast a gas pipe, extinguish all flames in the area, shut off gas at the meter, call the local gas authority and emergency plumber ASAP.

* if you have broken a stormwater or sewer drain, clean out broken debris from the drain, clean up and remove soil from around the drain, call your local plumbers in Melbourne.


Our emergency plumber attended property on Armadale recently when a tree removal contractor from Moorabbin cut through a pipe while grinding out a tree stump. When our local Melbourne plumber arrived the tree contractors and client were desperately trying to find the main shut-off tap for the water supply to the property. Due to recent landscape works this stop tap and associated water meter were buried below ground, we contacted the water authority to give the location and utilised metal detector to locate the shut-off valve. The water was shut off, the tree stump removed and replaced section of water pipe. 

Another recent case of a with some gardening going wrong involved with the property owner cutting the gas pipe while with digging a hole for a new tree, by the time our emergency plumber arrived the gas stop tap had been turned off. We excavated and exposed the gas pipe approximately 1 m each side of where the new tree was to be planted and re-ran the gas pipe around the area to avoid the tree. Many plumbers in Melbourne encounter these kind of accidents in their day-to-day work.

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