In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #14 - Roofing Melbourne - Sub standard work practices

August 20 2014

​When the property owner engages a roofing plumber Melbourne they trust that the roof repair will be done to a high standard and without the use of quick fix products. Increasingly property managers and owners are becoming  frustrated that initial roof repairs fail and expensive secondary repairs and internal restoration are required.

Common questions you should ask your Roof Plumber in Melbourne.

~What are you going to fix the roof leak with, if the roof plumber answers ‘liquid flash’, ‘bitumen paint’, ‘paint’, ‘Silicon’,  etc.. you know that the repair is temporary.

~What is the problem and can you show me a photo,

~What is the best solution  and how would you go about the repair.

~What is the  fixed price cost and can you provide pre-and post-work photos.

~What is your experience, have you worked with terracotta tile, slate tile, corrugated iron, flat roof decking or other roof types.

~What safety measures are you going to use while carrying out the repairs.

Roof Repair Gone Wrong.

***Our roof restoration specialist recently attended a property that required  roof repairs in Melbourne and found that the architecturally ornate slate roof had been coated in many areas with a black bitumen quick fix product. This product was not compatible with the slate roof, it coated and masked where the underlying fault was occurring and compounded and increased the permanent roof repairs required. When carrying out slate roof repairs setting up safe access to the area is a time-consuming and costly aspect of the work. To go to the time and effort to safely access the roof and use a cheap quick fix products that ultimately does not fix the underlying fault is false economy. The area of the roof leak was narrowed to approximately two square meters and our slate roof repairs specialists stripped and replaced/reinstated the slates in the area of the leak. Several cracked slates were removed and replaced and were the cause of the original leak. 

***We recently received a work order to attend a unit complex in Malvern with the report of water flooding into the top story unit. Attached to the work order was a copy of an invoice from a local St Kilda plumbing company who carried out so-called permanent repairs to this Owners Corporation property using liquid flash. This product comes in a bucket and is painted over the surface where the leak occurs and is not compatible with most flat roof surfaces due to the different expansion and contraction rates of the roof and the product. When we arrived we had to spend several hours stripping the product off the area of the leak to uncover the extensive rust in the underlying roof sheets which were permanently repaired using colour bond sheet metal repair sheets. We photographed the suspect liquid flash roof repairs, the underlying problems found and the permanent repairs And provided these to the OC manager.

***Roof plumbers in Melbourne our increasingly using quick fix products and are not concerned about the long-term outcome. We would strongly suggest that property managers and private owners proceed with caution.

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