In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #16 - Drain Cleaning Melbourne Tips

September 23 2014

 Blocked Drains Melbourne

-Sewer and stormwater drains block variety of reasons and the damage caused by overflowing drains can be significant. In this step-by-step guide will explain the reasons why drains block, the damage that can occur when drains overflow and provide tips on how you go about drain clearing in Melbourne.



-there is a variety of reasons why drains block with a  majority being lack of preventative maintenance. Drains block due to

* tree root growth into the pipes

*faulty workmanship

*fats and grease being poured into the drains

*ground movement

*debris entering the pipe and drainage system



-drainage plumbers who have worked on clearing a blocked drain in Melbourne have many stories to tell about the extensive damage they encounter. Often the first action when the plumber arrives on site is carrying out large cleanups and making the area safe. Examples of drain blockageoverflow damage includes,,

*sewage overflowing through the inside of people’s homes

*hidden gutter systems overflowing through people’s homes due to blocked stormwater drainage systems

*waste and stormwater leaking into lower-level units and offices due to overflows on upper levels

*stormwater flooding through ground floor areas

*basement car parks filling with stormwater

*drains exploding and waste water flooding offices and homes



-scheduled/preventative maintenance prevents many blockages, property owners/managers should

== ensure that all drains are kept clear of debris

==flush/charge drainage systems with water to ensure they flow adequately

== if blockages are localised they may be terrible using a rather plunger

== chemicals can be utilised to assist clearing blockages/these can be purchased from the local hardware or plumbing retailer

== engage a contractor who is a specialist in blocked drains in Melbourne sooner rather than later to prevent blockage damage



* Jet cleaning equipment is commonly used to clear blockages and clean the inside the pipework and utilises high-pressure water to spray and remove debris and blockages.

* Mechanical apparatus are used in drain clearance work and commonly used equipment are the rigid K 1500’s

* Chemical are used commonly when dealing with unblocking drains. An example would be hydrogen peroxide which dissolves fats.

* CCTV equipment is commonly used where an existing blocked drain has been causing ongoing problems. The CCTV equipment allows the drain to be inspected and the exact location to be found.

* Plungers are used commonly both by the professional and handyman and are often the first option.


An example of an unusual blockage encountered recently involved the local gas authority who had directionally bored and laid their gas mains through a main sewer pipe at a block of flats in Elwood without being aware that the gas pipe ran through a sewer pipe. Several years later a local plumber from South Melbourne attempted to clear the blockage and ruptured the gas main causing an emergency situation where high-pressure gas escaped and sewage debris sprayed up over the block of units. 

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