In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #17 -Drain Cleaning Melbourne - What you can do.

October 27 2014

​The old saying a stitch in time saves nine rings true with blocked drains and the following our tips that the homeowner or handyman can do to prevent blockages.

1. Clean leaves, rubbish and debris from around drainage inlets.

2. Clean balconies, patios & outdoor entertainment areas quarterly.

3.Put roof retardant into the drainage system if there is history of tree root entry Into the drains. Do this job quarterly.

4.Remove large trees that are growing directly above or adjacent to the drainage system.

5.Run hot water and detergent through basin or sink waste drains To remove fat and grease build up.

6.Use a rubber plunger to clear a blocked sink or basin.

7.Utilise drain cleaning chemicals as per the manufacturers directions.

8. Do not poor facts or liquid rubbish down the drains.

Case Study.


While drain cleaning in Melbourne recently our emergency plumber informed us that the blocked drain had been caused by someone pouring paint down the drain. This illegal disposal of waste not only caused a blockage it also causes environmental damage. Our plumbers in Melbourne have noticed an increase in the dumping of liquid & solid waste into drains with paint, fuel, kitty litter and oil being at the top of  the list.


We attended to a report of blocked drains in St Kilda and found that the drains had been blocked by vechile oil that was being dumped into the stormwater drainage system by a backyard mechanic working on site in this domestic block of flats. We utilised jet cleaning equipment and hydrogen peroxide to clear the blocked drains and reported our findings to the OC manager.

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