In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #18 - Melbourne Leak Detection Tips

November 11 2014

***If you receive a larger water bill than is normal there are things that you can do by keeping your eyes and ears open. The following are some things to watch out for and may give you clues that your pipework is leaking. These tips may also avert expensive and unnecessary repairs

What to look out for

  • Water bills that are higher than normal

  • Water meter reading that is constantly changing and even when not using the water

  • Running toilets and dripping taps

  • Running water sounds when you are not using any taps

  • Mouldy, spongy, soft, or discolored walls.

  • Musty odors and damp smells

  • Plaster and paint discolouring or cracking

  • Warm floors, damp carpet and  warping of floorboards

  • Wet or moist areas In the garden or lawn area, excessive moss growth or green areas

We were recently called to the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh to investigate the report on damp carpet in a bedroom. Upon arrival our leak detection specialist could see that the carpet was damaged indicating a long-term leak, the carpet was lifted in this area revealing water pooling on the concrete floor. He inspected the neighbouring room and found a shower recess adjacent to the area of dampness. A flood test of the shower base was carried out and water began flowing into the neighbouring room confirming the base as a source of the leak. Shower recess and paste leaks and associated waterproofing issues are common causes for damp issues in neighbouring rooms.

In the inner city Melbourne suburb of Prahran we were asked to investigate a report of water dripping into an apartment whenever the unit above used the shower recess. Our leak detection specialist after visual inspection of the two units suspected the leak to be coming from the shower bath area in the upper level unit. After live in eliminating the most obvious possible causes the shower breach was pressure tested and found to be leaking. A service plumber was called to the property and replace this faulty breach.

We recently investigated a spike in water consumption at unit in the inner-city suburb of Richmond. When our emergency plumber arrived the resident asked him why his floor in his kitchen was always warm in one area. The plumber confirmed that one area of the concrete slab floor was warm to touch and suspected burst hot water pipe. This suspicion was confirmed by carrying out a leak detection pressure test on the hot water supply pipe which failed the test.

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