In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #24 - Blocked Drains Melbourne - Kids Toys

February 05 2015

Our busy customer service department recently received a call from an anxious lady In Frankston. She explained that her daughter had been washing her favourite doll and she decided to complete the wash in the toilet. The result was that the doll had lodged in the toilet outlet with one of the doll legs still visible in the bottom of the pan. The lady was extremely worried that her partner would ‘hit the roof’ when he came Home from work. 


-We recommended the lady put on a pair of dishwashing gloves & pull the soft door out.

-We also recommended that the doll be soaked in a combination of dettol & white king then machine washed


The outcome of this dramatic story was that there was one happy little girl and the problem was solved. 

We regularly attend blocked drains in Melbourne and we called by an extremely upset customer who had been making candles and found her kitchen sink to be blocked.This South Yarra job was a similar scenario to the doll blocking the toilet in that the customer did not want her partner to know what had caused the blockage. We gave the following DIY tips to the customer but she was unsuccessful in clearing the blockage  and we attended and made good.


~Remove the water out of the sink and pour boiling hot water into the drain

~Use hydrogen peroxide (hair bleach) to pour into the drain




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