In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #25 - CCTV & JET CLEANING - Blocked drains Melbourne

February 21 2015

​Our maintenance plumbers attend and clear many blocked drains Melbourne every week and increasingly carry out Jet Cleaning and CCTV inspection of the problem drains.

The following are tips on what to check when a drainage plumber carries out Jet Cleaning and CCTV works.

1. Make sure that the contractor accurately locates the position of any problems and marks these on site.

2. The depth of the drain should also be marked on site.

3. Ensure the contractor provides you with a plan of the drainage system, marked with any problems found.

4. If the contractor is carrying out jet cleaning request that he provide you with CCTV footage pre and post jet cleaning of the drain.

5. Stipulate that the drainage plumber provide you with a simple & accurate report.

Note… The five points above are commonly not provided as most plumbers Melbourne will not provide this information to the client and keep results in the house. The end result is that most customers end up without a complete report, not having a plan provided or faults marked on site. The crucial information listed in the points above allows you to be able to provide the accurate  detail to various contractors if seeking quotes. Without accurate detail contractors who have not been involved in the CCTV work will be left making guesses/assumptions which will result in higher prices.

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