In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #26 - BLOCKED DRAINS MELBOURNE - TREE ROOTS

March 06 2015

​Emergency plumbers attend block drains in Melbourne every day of the year and the following is a list of the top 10 Melbourne suburbs affected by drain blockages caused by tree roots.

1. Elwood. This older period suburb has many streets lined with ‘plane trees’ and this combined with the unstable ground conditions in this Melbourne bayside suburb is the reason for the for continual sewer & stormwater blockages.

2. St Kilda. This suburban again has large established trees and drainage systems which are predominantly terracotta and this combined with  high density apartment blocks Is why this suburb is near the top of the list.

3. Melbourne city. Melbourne CBD has a very old drainage system and is combined with the high density office and residential use is why our emergency plumbers regularly working on drains in the CBD.

4. Footscray. Again this is an older established suburb with the combination of commercial and residential use. Tree ingress and commercial trade waste are the two most common causes of blockages in this suburb.

5. Springvale. The drains in this suburb are predominantly terracotta and the combination of old and established landscape/true roots and that the trade waste cause continual drainage problems in this area.

6. South Yarra. This old established suburb has many trees over 100 years old with most of these being sourcing extra water and nutrients from the drainage system. The combination of landscape, high-density apartment living and commercial properties is why South Yarra is in the top 10 for blocked drains Melbourne.

7. Hawthorn. This suburb has serious drainage problems with tree roots, commercial waste, ground movement and old terracotta drains being the main problems encountered.

8., 9. 10.  Dandenong, Frankston & Clayton. These large regional suburb has significant drainage issues and the combination of old terracotta drains, Established older landscape and commercial waste causes continual drainage issues in these outer Melbourne suburbs.


*Carefully plan your landscape in relation to the drainage system.

*Carry out preventative maintenance to decrease emergency drain blockage costs..

*Jet clean problem drains as recurring schedules to decrease/eliminate emergencies

*Set aside the time to instigate preventative maintenance, it will save time in the long-term

*Spend on accurate CCTV audits and inspections so you can formulate precise management strategies.

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