In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #31 -Hot Water Problems - Plumbers Brighton

May 12 2015

​Our experienced maintenance plumbers attend many properties to investigate issues with lack of hot water supply.

Case study 1:

Our emergency after hours plumber was called to a large family home in the bayside suburb of Brighton with the compliant of lack of hot  water supply and the hot water  taking too long to come out of the tap.

Initially investigation involved testing the water temperature and time for the water to become hot. The temperature of the hot water at the bathroom tap was  57°C and it took 1 min and 37 seconds for the water to become hot. Our emergency plumber then inspected the hot water service and found the unit to be a Rheem 260 litre storage unit with associated recirculation pump. Our experienced maintenance plumber tested and diagnosed the following faults.

1. The recirculation pump was not working and did not have an associated timer.

2. There was approximately 22 meters of uninsulated hot water pipe work on external wall.

The recirculation pump not working was the cause for delay in hot water coming through and the lack of insulation on a hot water pipe work meant that there was approximately 20°C of temperature drop due to heat loss.

Recommendations were made to the client with the associated quoted price. The quoted work was approved and we proceeded and replaced the recirculation pump, installed a timer so that that the hot water was only circulated during peak usuage times and installed insulation on the hot water pipe work. The result was that hot water was delivered within 20 seconds and the temperature  delivered was 74°C .


**We fixed the hot water supply and temperature problems as well as reducing the hot water energy consumption by approximately 20% at this property by simple strategies. 


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