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June 15 2015

​Wet wipes and various types of sanitary products are causing continual blockages in both new and old plumbing infrastructure.

Water authorities are dealing with the continual blockages and having to remove large quantities of wet wipes from their sewage treatment plants.

On a local scale, property owners are sustaining large expense in clearing wet wipes from the sewer drainage system. The problem is more pronounced in commercial complexes and residential multiunit properties where it is a lot more difficult to control what gets flushed down the toilet.

Drain blockages are being reported to have been caused by this problem in all areas in Metropolitan Melbourne including drain blockages in Brighton, Bentleigh, Balaclava and Beaumaris. Initial costs to clear a drain is estimated at $350-$450.00 , however drains usually require CCTV inspection to locate the exact position and depth of the problem where these wet wipes are catching or on lodgeing in the drain. So therefore an additional $700-$800.00 is spent CCTV/camera locating the drainage problem.

Melbourne 24 hour plumbers report that the baby wipes are not usually the primary cause of the drain blockages, but these wet wipes do not break up and become a solid mass. 


*A lot people think wet wipes disintegrate, but they actually form a hard ball, like concrete.

*It’s very expensive to find out where the blockage are and then they’re difficult to get to.

*People should be binning wet wipes, rather than flushing them down the toilet

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