In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #33 - Water Leaks & Roof Leaks, St Kilda, Sth Melb & Sth Yarra

June 29 2015

​Do-it-yourself tips to prevent property water damage.

*Clean the gutters and stormwater drains.

* If you have trees surrounding your home do this chore three monthly.

* If no trees surrounding this property do it once yearly

* CALL webbplumbing services on 1300 238 993  and WE WILL CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS and audit your roof at the same time.

Our emergency 24 hour plumber attended approximately 10 callouts during a recent very wet Sunday and most related to lblocked gutters and stormwater drains.

Job One: webbplumbing services attended a large family home in Malvern with the report of the basement  flooding. The property owner was in the wine business and had an extensive cellar full of quality wines including boxes of ‘Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz’ and when we arrived the water level was approximately 1 m deep in the cellar. A temporary pump was set up immediately and water level was dropped, our emergency plumber helped the client salvage his wines. Cause of the problem was identified as tree roots entering the stormwater drain, we proceeded to fix this drain blockage and returned during business hours and CCTV inspected the drain. 

Do-it-yourself tip.* check your stormwater drains once yearly with the garden hose to ensure they are flowing. *If you suspect tree roots in the drain treat the drain with a product such as ‘Root Rid’ six monthly to prevent tree root growth.

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