In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #35 - Roof Repairs Melbourne - Waterproofing

July 30 2015

​Two commonly used waterproofing products are ‘Fillcoat Fibres’ and ‘Noxyde’.

How do you choose which is the best product to your application.

Fillcoat Fibres:

-Advantages include *** you can use if you have cracks and fissures in your roof or *** if you have puddlesor ponding  around the leak area or *** at 20°C Fillcoat Fibres has an elasticity of 1300% or *** the presence of the fibres along with the other special qualities of this unique product enables you to bridge over and thus effectlively repair cracks and fissures several millimeters in wide or ***you can apply to slightly damp surfaces or ***product is very suitable for use repairing asbestos cement roofing or ***has outstanding adhesion to countless different types of surfaces or ***simple to apply even in humid conditions.


Advantages include ***provides excellent & unrivaled corrosion, rust-proofing and waterproofing protection or ***Noxyde polymerizes to form a high-build, anti-corrosive coating or ***this product has 200 %elasticity or ***it has high resistance to water, salt spray and aggressive atmospheresor ***the  thixotropic nature helps ensure full coverage of seams, joints, and edges or ***the versatility of Noxyde allows application to a variety of surfaces, with minimal surface preparation. 

Both membrane products have excellent Elasticity, Adhesion, Waterproofing & Edge Coverage and if unsure which products to use or how to apply please contact webbplumbing services on 1300 238 993 for Rapid Reliable Response. : :

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