In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #37 -Roof Repairs -Brighton, Bentleigh, Box Hill

August 27 2015


If you want to fix that leaky roof follow the do’s and don’ts of roof leaks:

  • Move all electrical items well away from the leak source
  • If the water is spreading out over a large area place plastic bins and drop sheets to catch the leak
  • If you can safely enter your ceiling space, place a catch tray/bucket under a leak, only a solid beam or base
  • Do not risk your safety, never go on the roof if wet
  • Beware of electrical problems associated with water/roof leaks


Only utilize experience roofing plumbers in identifying the source of roof leaks and fix them quickly and thoroughly. Areas where roof leaks may come from include,, 

  • Roof leaks in the valleys 
  • Around the flashings in your roof
  • Roof leaks caused by condensation in your ceiling space or attic, rather than by rain
  • Leaks caused by wind-driven rain
  • Difficult to point leaks occurring in large and visibly undamaged portions of your roof!


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