In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #4 -  Water Pipe Leaks

December 09 2013

Some very basic and easy methods worth trying in leak detection as follows;

1. Locate the water meter and listen or look (or both) for the meter ticking over. If the meter indicator is moving you may have a water pipe leak. Check now that all taps and toilets are turned off - return to the meter and inspect again. If meter indicator is still moving, it is likely you have a leak.

2. Carry out a scrape test in the area where you think the water leak might be occurring - scrape area with your fingernail or a sharp knife - if dusty dry then leak is not active but if damp, leak is certainly active.

3. Draw a pencil outline around the outer edge of a water stain - check pencil outline 24 hours, seven days or even a month later to see if the stain has spread.  If you are convinced that it has then a call to your insurance company is now in order. Seek their guidance and advice – if for example you have a burst water pipe, costs may be claimable through them 

4. Following their advice, you will obviously then need to contact a specialist plumber who is experienced in leak detection works, insurance restoration work and general maintenance plumbing.  You will find them in most areas of Melbourne including Springvale, Hawthorn, and StKilda and their surrounding suburbs.

In an emergency ie. outside business hours, you will find very dependable plumbers that provide an excellent 24/7 leak detection service. Call Webb Plumbing Services on 1300 238 993 to enquire about our emergency services.

At the time, write a list of all the possible causes and if a serious flood is occurring, try to stay cool and react with a clear and quick-thinking head.

We hope that these DIY tips and handy hints on finding a water leak at your property help.

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