In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #6 -Choosing Good Quality Plumbing Materials

February 07 2014

-The choice of quality materials

will mean the difference between a long life expectancy roof restoration Melbourne job and faulty roof repairs that need to replaced in just a few years.

 Questions you should ask your plumber Melbourne.


Where do you purchase your plumbing materials from. - If the answer is from Reece Plumbing Supplies, Tradelink , the answer is correct.


What type of roof metal products are you using. - If the answer is colour bond materials supplied by Bluescope steel then another box is ticked.


Where are you sourcing your ready mix concrete from. - The answer you are looking for hisfrom Boral or Holcim.


Do you purchase your materials online or source the cheapest products. If you plumber answers this question by saying he buys most of his materials online and always looks to buy the cheapest of plumbing fittings and materials then  alarm bell should ring loudly.

 ## Manufacturers in East Asia are currently copying all types of plumbing fittings, pipes and materials used in the plumbing industry and supplying them at greatly reduced costs. The problem is the quality is poor ,the sizes are slightly different to the original, the materials do not comply with Aystralian standards, your insurance will become non-compliant and risk is increased greatly. A local Reece Plumbing Supplies manager in Armadale told how of an emergency plumber had sourced non-compliant products online,and fitting failed within 48hrs and large insurance claim was made against the emergency plumber in Melbourne.

## Plumbing companies/contractors cut

significant costs from projects by reducing material cost. Customers need to be aware of the risks. It is well documented that insurance claims are being rejected due non-compliant material use.~Short-term cost savings will often lead to large and expensive repairs later.

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