In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #7 -Do I Really Need a Plumber

March 06 2014

’Do I REALLY need a plumber?’


Even the handiest of handymen or women need to call on a professional from time to time to ensure the job gets done right whether it be an emergency or just the odd tweak or repair.

Below are just a few situations where it’s best to call on a plumbers expertise, saving you time and in a lot of cases money further down the track.

·         Low water pressure: There are many factors that can contribute to the loss of water pressure throughout a house: Debris or rust in the water line/s causing obstructions. A pinpoint or larger burst on the supply line (causing goodness knows what damage!) or it could be down to poor supply line design or even low pressure from the council supply.

In any of the cases above a good plumber such as the leak detection specialists at Webb Plumbing are able to analyse the problem. They can then create an action plan in order to improve your water pressure.

·         No hot water supply: It may seem like an obvious problem, but if you can’t see that the hot water tank has burst and is leaking, it can take a bit of investigation to work out why it’s happened. Gas hot water services have thermocouple igniters that can fail or burners/pilots that require fixing.. Electric unit could have either a faulty heating element, thermostat or overflow switch, a blown fuse or a tripped circuit-breaker.

For this kind of issue it’s always going to be in your favour to engage plumbers in Melbourne with experience. Webb Plumbing can advise whether the unit will need to be replaced or if it simply an issue regarding a part. Webb can also arrange to remove the faulty unit and order, install and commission your new hot water service. We can also simply service or replace any required parts and our local plumber in Melbourne is there to help.

·         Blocked/Overflowing sewer: This is never a pleasant situation to find yourself and one which is also best left to the experts when you’ve exhausted all the tricks in your bag. Blocked drains Melbourne can occur due to either an obstruction that has lodged in the line, tree root entry which is extremely common or a break or collapse of the drain itself.

All of our plumbers at Webb Plumbing are very experienced in working with blocked drains in Melbourne  and unblocking drains or replacing them. We have CCTV cameras which can identify the problem, drain clearance machinery to clear any blockages, cut away tree roots and the knowledge to create a plan of action if replacement is required.

There is also the added bonus of having someone else deal with the clean-up efficiently, effectively and hygienically when dealing with a blocked drain Melbourne.

Webb Plumbing is available for emergency plumbing services from Frankston to Fitzroy, Doveton to Deepdene, surrounding suburbs and anywhere in between.

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