In the pipeline - Information Blog #10 - Unusaul Blocked Drains Melbourne

April 30 2014

***It doesn’t matter how excited you get over your favourite song coming on the radio or the newest video game release, you may never believe some of the bizarre blockage situations we encounter in our day-to-day work as a plumber in Melbourne. The following are the latest top five of the bizarre blocked drains in Melbourne we can encountered in recent months.

1. Potato man strikes again. -This unusual blockage occurred in the neighbouring suburb to Prahran and got everyone talking. We received a phone call to inform us that a common toilet had been blocked by potatoes. On arrival our plumber found approximately 5 kg of pre-washed potatoes in the toilet pan with the usual messy business blocking the toilet. The potatoes were removed using a long probe and made a quick exit to the compost when removed. We were informed by the building manager that there was a resident who lived on site who had a toilet fixation/obsession. Our emergency plumber described the scene on arrival as he was baffled by the effort this man had gone to create a blocked toilet as bad as this.He had crammed his potatoes in there and I mean crammed. It was as if he was trying to pack a suitcase for a holiday with the force he shoved the potatoes down the toilet with. After spending time removing all the potatoes he finally removed the last potato and returned home to recover psychologically and emotionally from what he had just dealt with. Unfortunately there was yet another instalment at this unit complex as per point two below.

2. Bed sheet blocks Melbourne drain . We re-attended the same complex approximately one week later in a neighbouring suburb of Elwood to the report that the same common toilet was blocked. Our emergency plumber attended again expecting another potato story. Upon arrival our drain cleaning Melbourne specialist was surprised to see a whole lot of strips of material jammed into the toilet. A resident informed our curious plumber that a young gentleman had been seen putting the material into the toilet. Our plumber who obviously had more curiosity than the local cat, door knocked the unit, a young gent opened the door and our plumber said he could see a bed with half of the bed sheet missing and colour of the bedsheet  matched the material in the toilet. Our emergency plumber who obviously is a part-time detective solved the problem of who was blocking the toilet, cleared the  blocked drain and reported his findings. He describes  these two blockages as the most unusual in all his years work clearing blocked drains Melbourne.

3. Collingwood football jumper stuck in sewer drain. We attended a blocked drain in the Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford and after much effort our emergency plumber pulled an old football jumper out of the drain. Although the jumper was more of a brown colour when first pulled out, after a quick squirt of a hose the unmistakable black and greyish white stripes could be seen. As our plumber had never pulled a football jumper out of a blocked drain in Melbourne before he needed to know more. He spoke to the lady who owned the house and she explained that her husband had come home from a big game the day before in a highly emotional state after drinking a little and flushed the jumper down the drain. She went on to add that a man seemed to be happy at the time that the jumper had been flushed and that she would give his jumper back to him now. Our plumber who loves the Carlton football club was especially happy.

4.Toy cat causes blocked drain in Melbourne. Maintenance plumbers Melbourne have lots of unusual toilet and drain stories with this case of a toy cat being flushed down the toilet in Brighton bringing a smile to the face of our friendly emergency plumber as well as our lady client. Our blocked drain plumber was asked to unblock a toilet with a friendly mum explaining that she suspected that her young son had flushed a toy down the drain. Our plumber was unable to clear the toilet easily and removed the toilet pan to find a fluffy toy cat wedged in the outlet, which he removed. The young boy who was most happy to have plumber Paul(althouth he asked for builder Bob) working at the property explained that he had been washing the cat and it disappeared when he flushed the button. Our plumber reinstated the toilet and solved the blockage problem, The young boy wanted his cat back but his mum was quite insistent that we take it with us. Well we solved one problem and and left mum to solve the other problem.

5. Candle wax blocks sink. We recently attended to a blocked sink in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern with our client informing our emergency plumber that she had been making candles and had poured the leftover wax down the sink. She realised the mistake when the hot liquid wax solidified and blocked the drain. Our plumber explained that in all his years working on blocked drains Melbourne he had never encountered this problem before and removed the solidified wax, reinstated the plumbing and commissioned the sink. The client requested that we do not mention that the cause of the blockage was wax on our invoice and we suspect that the truth of what caused this blockage was to be hidden.

 Several other blockage or drain issues narrowly missed out in being included in our top five blocked drains Melbourne, these were * the wedding ring gets flushed down the toilet. *cat litter gets flushed down the drain. *cooking fat in Springvale clogs the drain * Telstra conduit runs through stormwater drain * kindergarten kids paper scissors blocks drain.*false teeth go down the toilet. As you get the idea there are many other tales to be told with the cause of the blockages being unusual and the tracking down of who is responsible for causing the blockages always of interest.


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