In the pipeline - Information Blog #11 - Heavy rain Melbourne

May 30 2014

Heavy rain hits Melbourne, properties flood and emergency plumbers extremely busy.

Residents of inner city and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne woke up this morning to the unrelenting sound of rain pounding on their roof. Beginning at around 2am this morning and continuing through to about

10:30am, people living in St. Kilda, South Yarra, Prahran and Balaclava did not need an alarm to wake them due to the noise provided from the storm.The damage caused by this barrage of rain ranged from broken gutters to a lightning struck house to disruptions in the city loop train service. The majority of plumbing problems related to guttering,stormwater drains and roof problems. Many people in suburbs such as  Hawthorn, Malvern and Caulfield were in need of roof repairs, leak detection and general roof restoration as a result of the downpour overnight. Emergency plumbers at Webb Plumbing Services attended to numerous emergencies as they occurred and carried out repairs as soon as the weather had cleared.


At a particular residence in Elsternwick, an elderly couple woke to find their roof had been leaking all through the night and had a puddle of water the size of a small swimming pool on the floor of their kitchen floor. Two roof plumbers were called out in the afternoon to engage in roof leak detection after the roof was dry enough to access we discovered that a several roof tiles had been dislodged and broken above the kitchen causing unobstructed water flow right into  the ceiling. When the couple were informed, the roof plumbers were able to collect new roof tiles and had the broken ones replaced that day and the roof restoration was completed.


The rain this morning did not go unnoticed for many households in inner southern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne with many parts of the roof and guttering succumbing to the volume of the deluge. Webb Plumbing’s services attended to roof repairs, roof restoration and leak detection for many houses in need of assistance. We would recommend that all property owners carry out preventative propertyplumbing maintenance including,, * gutter cleaning * preventative roof repairs * metal roofing repairs * roof tile repairs * drain cleaning.


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