In the pipeline - Information Blog #12 - Roof Restoration Melbourne/ Dangerous WorkTechniques

June 26 2014



-When engaging a roof repair plumber is important to not only carefully consider and examine the scope of works but ensure that the roof restoration contractor is proficient in working safely.

Questions that should be asked of your Melbourne roof repairs specialist.

-          What safety equipment will you utilise during the works.

-          Will you complete a site-specific risk assessment or work method statement.

-          What are your protocols in relation to an accident.

-          Do you carry out monthly safety Toolbox/Safety  meetings.

-          Who is the safety officer in your group.

-          Can you provide me with a contact at Work Safe Victoria.

-          Who is going to be managing the safe work place on my project.

I would suggest that these questions be asked when meeting on site and poor answers to any of the questions above should ring the alarm bell loud & clear. It is crucial to engage an experienced group when carrying out roof repairs in Melbourne and the quality of the roof repairs is as important as completing the work safely.

For examples of what can go wrong with safety when roofing in Melbourne please visit  .  A an example of dodgy roof practices was seen in Elwood recently where a local St Kilda plumbing group were seen replacing guttering on a three-storey building without the use of any safety equipment. This incident was reported to Worksafe and is an example of risking injury or death and corner cutting in relation to safety.


*If your  contractor cannot prove that can work safely how can you trust them to complete the works to professional standard.

*Cutting corners in relation to safety is a common way to reduce the current quoted costs of works. So if you have a cheap quote from a roofing contractor that seems too good to be true then you need to ensure there will be no workplace injuries on your roof restoration project.

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