In the pipeline - Information Blog #13 - Gutter Cleaning Melbourne - Unusual Blockages

July 24 2014

Whether  carrying out a scheduled  gutter cleaning job or attending to an emergency plumbing situation, the unusual can occur. The following five incidents of recent blockages cleared  by our plumbers in Melbourne.

1. Pigeon nests blocking a box gutter. We recently attended with an office flight in Melbourne suburb of Clayton. Our roof repair specialists was surprised to find the pigeons nesting in a hidden gutter system. The pigeon nesting material was removed and the gutter unblocked And we provided a fixed price quote to bird proof  this hard to access area.

2. Possums use rain head as nest box. While carrying out routine gutter cleaningIn the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris recently our plumber was surprised by possum jumping from a rain head into a neighbouring tree. The rain head was full of organic debris and was cleaned out and bird/possum proof Installed.

3. Possums stuck in a downpipe. Unfortunately for this furry friend It was not a happy end, with our plumber being called to a job in Toorak to investigate a bad smell near the outdoor entertainment area. The source of the smell turned out to be a poor possum that had got stuck in the downpipe and died. With we remove the possum, unblocked the downpipe and recommended mesh to be installed on the inlets to all downpipes and this work proceeded 2 weeeks later.

4. Messy tradies block rainwater sump. We were recently carrying out roof repairs in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra  and found that the painting contractors had left rubbish on the roof which had washed into a rainwater sump and caused water to overflow into the unit below. The blockage was caused by a drink bottle that fitted the round downpipe perfectly. Our client was unhappy and We reported what we found and provided photographs.

5. Dress blocks roof decking. Our emergency plumber recently attended a burst water pipe at a multi-storey building in Metropolitan Melbourne. In order to carry out the repair he needed to access the roof to shut off the water supply to the building, while on the roof he noticed a blocked roof decking  and removed a dress which had plugged the outlet  to the nearby roofs decking. He explained in his service report that clothing to be seen hanging on balconies in an adjoining property and he suspected that it simply had fallen off and onto our clients roof.

Obviously most of these problems cannot be avoided but they can be controlled by regular  property maintenance and scheduled works. As the above examples illustrate blocked drains in Melbourne can occur for the many and varied reasons. Whether your property is located in Frankston or Fern Tree Gully regular preventative maintenance will eliminate expensive and unnecessary emergency plumbing situations.

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