In the pipeline - Information Blog #14 - Blocked Drains Melbourne - CCTV Inspections

August 04 2014

​Property managers, private lot owners and drainage contractors often have to interpret the findings of drainage CCTV inspections. The majority of plumbing contractors who carry out CCTV inspection is in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs keep the crucial findings in-house and are not transparent with their findings. This leaves property managers and drainage contractors having to guess the vital parts of the CCTV inspection such as the exact location and depth of the problem.

Required information post CCTV drain inspection:

*Clear and concise visual images of the entire drainage system

*And accurate plan of the drainage system and associated problems found

*A detailed report documenting the findings, location and depth

*On site markings of the location/depth of any problems found

NB::Property managers Constantly approach our busy emergency plumbing business asking us to comment/quote on drainage repairs post CCTV inspection.Approximately 95% of these since CCTV inspections do not include the vital points as per above, therefore creating a lot of guessing in regards to these expensive drainage repairs. If a property manager does in fact provide a concise brief it allows all contractors to price the work accurately. 

Our specialist maintenance plumbing company has been working with blocked drains Melbourne for 30 years and has noticed an increase in the lack of transparency by most plumbing companies when carrying out CCTV work. We would strongly encourage all property managers and owners to ensure they get what they are paying for. The average cost for three hours on site carrying out CCTV inspection work is currently $700 including GST and for this expense you would expect accurate detail.

Case study.

Our Emergency plumber attended a property in Hawthorn recently to investigate a report of water flooding at the rear of the property. Upon arrival he found that the drain was blocked and drain cleaning was required, the client informed our plumber that a contractor from the neighbouring suburb of Kew had worked on the blocked drain only days before. We suggested that the drain cleaning be carried out and that the drains be CCTV inspected. The client informed us that the 24-hour plumber from Kew who attended a couple of days before us had already done this. We were presented with a copy of the DVD, but there was no written report, plan of the sewer system or on-site markings to indicate where the problem was located. We unblocked the drain and the client followed up the previous plumber without success. We returned to the property and carried out a set price CCTV inspection and located a mass tree root entry point approximately 15 meters downstream of where the waste water had been overflowing. We provided the client with a plan, marked the problem on site and this allowed him to have the accurate information required to make an informed maintenance decision.

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